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Flaxseed bread

The baking techniques are essentially two: direct and indirect dough. The direct method requires that all the ingredients are mixed at the same time, and that the dough is left to rise, to then draw the forms and cook them. The indirect method instead sees a first processing in which most (or all) the yeast […]

Chicken liver pate

Portions: 8 – Difficulty: medium INGREDIENTS – 400 gr of chicken livers -1 onion -20-30 gr of dried porcini, kept in a bath and squeezed -half an apple -a handful of pickled capers -1 tablespoon of breadcrumbs -1 tablespoon of water -2 tablespoons of tomato juice -half a lemon -3 tablespoons of EVO oil, 20 […]


Portions: 8 – Difficulty: medium INGREDIENTS – 290 gr of Gentil Rosso flour -2 eggs -135 grams of butter at room temperature -20 ml of milk per room T -25 grams of sugar -7 grams of dry yeast for pizzas -5 grams of salt METHOD -Mix the flour with the sugar and baking powder -Beat […]

Savory olives and cherry tomatoes savory cheesecake

Servings: 6/8 people Difficulty: medium INGREDIENTS for the BASE 300 gr of savory Nonna di Roccalbegna biscuit 150 gr of melted butter for the CREAM 10 grams of gelatin 600 gr of Burrata 200 gr of ricotta salt and pepper for DECORATION seasoned olives dry tomatoes fresh cherry tomatoes capocollo (optional) METHOD prepare many small […]

Grandmother Elice soup with pumpkin and cabbage

Servings: 4/5 people – Difficulty: low INGREDIENTS A pack of Grandma Elice Soup 500 grams of pumpkin 200 g of cabbage 1 shallot 1 liter of vegetable stock or water EVO oil Salt METHOD Remove the peel from the pumpkin and cut it into pieces. Put it in a pan with two tablespoons of EVO […]

Black chickpea and chestnut soup

Portions: 4/5 people – Difficulty: medium INGREDIENTS A package of black chickpea 12 chestnuts 6 peeled tomatoes 1.5 l of broth 2 cloves of garlic 1 sprig of rosemary EVO oil salt METHOD Boil the chickpeas for about 1 hour, after having soaked them for 24/48 hours Roast the chestnuts in the oven for about […]

Grandpa Priamo soup with sage fragrance

Servings: 4/5 people – Difficulty: low INGREDIENTS A pack of Grandpa Priam Soup 100 grams of carrots 350 gr of potatoes 1 small onion 1 celery rib 20 sage leaves 700 ml of water EVO oil Salt The vegetables weight is meant already peeled METHOD Pour EVO oil into an earthenware dish Finely chop the […]

Red gentil beans in ricotta and turmeric cream

Servings: 6/8 people – Difficulty: low INGREDIENTS a glass of pearly red Gentil 150 gr of ricotta milk q.b. a knob of butter a teaspoon of turmeric powder extra virgin olive oil salt, pepper and Parmesan (optional) METHOD soak the red Gentil for 12 hours cook the well rinsed red wine in two glasses of […]

Single-spelled spelled salad with sautéed zucchini

Insalata di farro monococco con zucchine trifolate Servings: 6/8 people Difficulty: low INGREDIENTS A package of pearl-spelled Spelled 300 grams of zucchini 200 grams of cherry tomatoes mint leaves pine nuts / almonds / sunflower seeds extra virgin olive oil salt METHOD Wash and cut the courgettes into small pieces cook in a pan with […]

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